The first time we met the CHOSEN FEW M.C.
was in the early 90's at a rally in Seclyn, France.
The rally was organised by C.F.M.C. France
and on that occasion we got to meet all the chapters
of the CHOSEN FEW M.C. for the first time.
After a long time of partying together we lost contact in '95.

Everything started rolling again in 1998
when Chuckles from C.F. Belfast got us all back together.
The same year we visited their rally in Sally sur la Lys.

In june '99 we had our first meeting at the Eurorun in France.
The big issue at that time was whether or not
we could run CHOSEN FEW M.C. in Belgium
(official support existed in Belgium in '96, but didn't last and had nothing to do with us).
So in september 1999 we obtained the status of "official hangaround"
and started wearing the front patch "M.C. 36 ANTWERPEN".
During that time we met old and new friends,
who were all very positive about our club.

In february 2000 we became prospect in France
and at the same time some of our friends became Official Support C.F.M.C. France
(and of course later on prospect).
The Belgium prospect chapter was now becoming a strong and solid M.C.,
so in june 2001 at the Eurorun in Marne
we received our full membership of the CHOSEN FEW M.C.,
this meant the birth of the CHOSEN FEW M.C. NOMAD chapter in Belgium.
We are proud of what we are
and intend to stay this way by preserving our lifestyle.
We ride all kinds of bikes but prefer customized bikes with a personal touch.



We changed our bottom rocker from NOMAD to BELGIUM !
and with the club expanding ,
the decision was made to change our frontbadge ,
BRABANT : for those who live in the clubhouse area.
NOMAD : for those who live in other areas
Official Support was also growing slowly but steadily,
with locations all over BELGIUM !

The year was closed in an unfortunate way,
on the 2nd of December we lost our brother and co-founder PITTOE .


2003, what a year !

It started off with the welcoming
As "official supportclub" of CFMC Belgium in January 2003!

During the summer members ,
prospects & official support rode in all wind directions
and made lots of good friends everywhere !

At the end of the year ,
in December 2003 LASTBIKER BELGIUM ,
located in Limburg , decided ,as a result of a good understanding ,
to change their colors , and also became "official supportclub " of CFMC Belgium !

the 36 support family is steadily growing ..!



Group 36 presents : Biker weekend 25-27 June
those weekend was organised by Chosen Few , Lastbiker & HDRB (Group 36 )

During our holliday at Garda sea in Italy we meet some new friends !
A new support crew 36 is born in Italy !



Chosen Few decide to made a tombstone for the grave from our brother Pittoe,
(we have to wait +1 year , becouse his fam. have first choise/right )
we let the stone made with our collors on , and placed them ourselfs on Pittoe his grave
together with all his bro's !

May 2005,our 1st Biker Weekend organised by Chosen Few MC Belgium
we welcome a lot of national & international clubs !

We end the year with the end off Lastbiker and welcomed a few new prospects in CF



We start the year with a clubhouse for Nomad chapter
located in Willebroek , witch after 3 months off hard working ,
we are opening in March and welcome at the same time
our Official supports from Umea (Sweden) in the 36 family !



Chosen Few helps a organisation with a Biker day
located in Antwerpen for a fundation "Make a wish" !
the raised 5000€ for the fundation that helps childeren with there wishes !

Friends & bikers ask us for a clear way they can show support to us ..
thats were "Southern Tribe " is born , a new supportclub 36
who wear 1 part patch on the back ,
the have no Committee , no chapters ,
and the are located all over belgium !



This is the year that our Vice & 2 bro's go to visit USA !

June ...we lost again a brother .."Giba".. after a long fight with cancer !

2.5 year after we open , we have to close the clubhouse in Willebroek ,
officially : the remove the petrol tanks and renovated the ground !
everithing we build up , we have to break down again (see pics)

we end the year with the welcome of Reborn MTC Turnhout
to become hangaround club 36 Kempen ...